Brewing Stand

  • Brewing stand

    Our current brewing stand configuration.

  • Raw Steel

    This is how the stand began. At the start I had no clue how to weld.

  • Setting up the first side

    Setting up the first welds for the side of the stand using magnetic holders.

  • Hey look, it is staying together

    My first tack welds have held. Time to start the final welds.

  • First weld

    My first complete weld. Always remember, a beautiful weld is only a grinder away.

  • Setting up the crossmembers

    Sides are done, time to add the crossmembers.

  • Basic Frame

    Day 1 of welding complete. The basic frame is together.

  • Burner Bar

    This bar will hold the banjo burners at various levels below our brewing vessals.

  • Mounting the burner bar

    Mounting the burner bar onto the brew stand. The threaded rod allows the burner level to be adjusted as needed.

  • Banjo Burner Test

    The first test of our low pressure banjo burners. Nice blue flames and quiet. This is a big difference from our turkey fryer burners we have been using.

  • Pilot Light Top

    Top view of our pilot light on our HLT burner

  • Pilot Light Bottom

    Bottom view our the pilot light on the HLT burner. Screw holes were tapped directly into burner body and sealed with gas pipe compound.

  • Time to grind

    Stand is all welded and ready to be ground. Time to let the sparks fly!

  • HLT gas valve

    This vale is a standard Honeywell gas furnace valve. Our PID controller opens and closes this valve allowing precise control of our HLT temperature.

  • First Boil Test

    First boil test with a full load of liquid in the brew kettle. Stand held up just fine.

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