Why Homebrew?

Variety. Take a minute and try to name as many different styles of beer you can think of. Chances are, you can only name a few. Why is this? In the U.S. we have become accustomed to only a few varieties of beer in general, mostly light tasteless lagers. Pre-prohibition, there were endless varieties and breweries to choose from in the U.S. Very few had the deep pockects to survive those dark years. Currently the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) recognizes almost 100 separate types of Beer, Mead and Cider. When you homebrew, you can create any style you wish.

Upcoming Brews
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Dead Deer Walking (All-Grain Brew School Edition)

Currently Fermenting:

Amber Ale

Currently Aging:

Singularity IPA

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Amber Ale

Bourbon Barrel Stout