HERMS Brewing System

  • HERMS Brewing System

    This is the current generation of our HERMS based Brewing Stand.

  • HERMS Control Panel V 1.0

    Control Panel for our brewing system. The mash temperature is automatically maintained using a PID controller on this panel.

  • Internal View of the HERMS Control Panel

    This shows the internal wiring required to allow the remote control of the brew pumps and HLT temperature control.

  • Herms Coil in the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT)

    This coil functions as a heat exchanger in the HLT vessel transfering heat into the Mash Lauter Tun (MLT).

  • PID Controlled gas valve

    This gas valve is a standard Honeywell Furnace valve. Our PID controller operates this valve turning our burner on and off according to our set temperature.

  • Sparge Arm

    This sparging arm is adjustable allowing greater flexability in setting the level of returning liquid on top of the mash.

  • Whirlpool Return

    After the boil is complete, we pump the cooling wort through this return line to allow the cold break and hop material to collect in the center of the brew kettle. The more sediment we keep out of the fermenter the clearer our beer is.

  • Hop Spider

    A Hop spider is used in the brew kettle to help contain used hop material and make it easier to remove after the boil is complete. It is simply a 5 gallon paint strainer bag suspended above the brew kettle.

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Dead Deer Walking (All-Grain Brew School Edition)

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Amber Ale

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Singularity IPA

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Amber Ale

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