Dead Deer Walking 6.2% ABV

Dead Deer Walking is our answer to the American Brown Ale Style. Related to American Pale and American Amber Ales, although with more of a caramel and chocolate character, which tends to balance the hop bitterness and finish. Brewed using 5 Different malts including Munich, Chocolate and Wheat varieties creating a well-balanced malt profile. Dead deer walking also features East Kent Goldings, Liberty and Willamette hop varieties. Everything comes together in perfect harmony creating extremely easy drinking brown ale.

Dead Deer Walking took 1st place in Catagory 10 B and C at the 36th Annual/25th Empire State Open / HOTY-I Qualifier / UNYHA Homebrew Competition! Apparently someone likes this stuff!
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Dead Deer Walking (All-Grain Brew School Edition)

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